Offering interactive visuals, a formidable R&S Records line-up and an array of experimental cocktails – Electrik London was an event that pushed the boundaries of the clubbing experience.

Hosted by Absolut at Bankside Vaults, Blackfriars, the night aimed to explore and showcase the ‘future of nightlife’, linking up with design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast and the prolific Belgian imprint to conjure up a night that blurred the lines between virtual and reality.

The main room offered 360° motion reactive visuals that responded to the tempo of the DJ, as well as the general mood of the crowd. Walking through the bricked arches to the other room, there where virtual reality headsets that transported guests into an iTunes visualiser that swirled and smashed in time with the beats of R&S Records’ artists.

Mike Jones, the producer at Marshmallow Laser Feast, explained a bit about the technology and its aim: ‘We basically wanted to create a way to visualise sound. It’s a key part of nightlife, but how would you feel if you could see it and feel it in a completely different way? We wanted to take you on a journey around the sound landscape.’

This avant-garde tech was matched by an equally impressive line-up, including Lone, Leon Vynehall and Space Dimension Controller. Lone offered a set which meandered through Beats, Hip-Hop and House, offering splashes of sun-kissed synths and playing hits such as ‘Airglow Fires’. The turn of Leon Vynehall saw the night’s tempo switch up, with fierce Techno mirrored by the responsive visuals that filled the corners and crevasses of the venue.

The event intended to offer a glimpse into the ‘future of nightlife’, something it certainly achieved; an experience that felt like a glimpse into the coming years, as well as the possibilities of merging virtual reality with live music. The night felt elegant and sophisticated, whilst retaining the energy and atmosphere provided at 3am in fabric.



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