33 1/3 – Portishead’s Dummy

A few months back I discovered the fantastic book series ’33 1/3′, in which a different author critiques, analyses and discusses a specific album.

It has featured iconic albums such as Meat Is Murder – The Smiths or In Utero – Nirvanna, but also has some great entries on lesser known records, such as The Grey Album – Dangermouse.

Portishead’s Dummy is an album which to most needs no introduction. R.J Wheaton provides a detailed context to the history of the band, discussing the music scene in Bristol and how this influenced the group.

One of my main criticisms for past issues in the series was the complexity of the analysis and points, which sometimes made the books feel more academic and rigid as opposed to pullung the reader in and offering a fresh look into an iconic LP. This entry so far is sharp, slick and engaging, much like its subject.

If you haven’t checked out the series, this is a good one to start with.



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